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 Glorie Lee & Rick's HGTV Series Natural Born Sellers:
Our YouTube Channel is GlorieLeeAndRick 
It has been the dream of Marissa and Julianna, our twin daughters, to have their own TV series.

After graduating from USC with Broadcast Journalism degrees, Julianna and Marissa obtained their Real Estate licenses and followed in Glorie Lee & Rick's footsteps, knowing that they could combine their Real Estate and broadcast expertise to bring the exciting world of home Buying and Selling to the small screen.

Marissa and Julianna had roles on the BravoTV series "Million Dollar Listing," and continued on to achieve their own series "Natural Born Sellers".

"Natural Born Sellers" is about Julianna and Marissa being raised on Real Estate with us, their parents, being married Real Estate partners, and Marissa and Julianna now working in Real Estate as their own partnership. Together, the family is a Real Estate powerhouse, with the show following us and our transactions as we navigate this exciting Real Estate market.

Victory Goes to the Bold

HGTV Episode HNBSE-101H

Glorie Lee & Rick help first-time homebuyers Sharon and Eric find their dream home in Burbank. Meanwhile, Twins Marissa and Julianna become the exclusive listing agents for a brand new condo complex in Hollywood, but the owners' unwillingness to lower the prices makes them a tough sell.


Location, Location, Location

HGTV Episode HNBSE-102H

Glorie Lee and Rick help a former wrestling star choose the perfect location and buy his first condo. Meanwhile, An all-cash buyer enlists the help of Real Estate Agents Marissa and Julianna to find her a house in Upland, Calif. Weary of having to do renovations, the client insists on a turn-key home, but discovers that her budget can only afford fixer uppers in her desired location. Insistent on the neighborhood, the Twins bring in a contractor to help their client visualize a fixer upper becoming her dream home.


Buying a House Versus Buying a Condo

HGTV Episode HNBSE-103H

Glorie Lee and Rick help a single mom buy her first home in South Los Angeles. It won't be easy with a budget of only $160,000, but if they succeed they will fulfill her lifelong dream of owning her own home. Meanwhile, Real Estate Agents Marissa and Julianna help television stars and engaged couple Rachel and Brendon (The Amazing Race) find their first home. Brendon insists on staying close to UCLA but Rachel wants to get the most bang for her buck, even if that means going to the Valley.


Homes Are For Horses

HGTV Episode HNBSE-104H

Glorie Lee and Rick work with newlyweds who are expecting their first baby. They are currently living in a small Santa Monica apartment that barely fits them, never mind adding a baby. Now, they are feeling the pressure to find a home quickly because they want to get it ready before the baby arrives. Finding a great house in the area they want for $1 million isn't as easy as one may think, but Glorie Lee and Rick aren't about to let the couple down. Meanwhile, The Twins' help their childhood friend Tracy buy her first house. Tracy is a horse trainer and is looking for a horse property in Alta Loma or Rancho Cucamonga. It needs to accommodate her horse while also having a facility that would allow her to train horses and continue her riding lessons.

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It Must Be Perfect

HGTV Episode HNBSE-105H

Rick and Glorie Lee must answer to a higher power when a church's new Pastor needs their help finding a parsonage (a house purchased by the church for its pastor to occupy). However, Pastor Shane and his wife Allyson have very particular tastes and won't accept anything less than perfect. Meanwhile, Twin Agents Marissa and Julianna work with picky first-time buyers in Northridge, Calif. Newlyweds Marni and Kyle desperately want to find their dream home, but their extensive wish list may be holding them back.

California Dreamin'

HGTV Episode HNBSE-106H

Twin agents Marissa and Julianna Stoap help a professional dance choreographer find a beach house for him and his daughter in Santa Monica, Calif. Not wanting to be left inland, Glorie Lee reminds her twins of their promise to one day buy her dream Malibu beach house. A firm believer in visualization, Glorie Lee asks Marissa and Julianna to be her Real Estate agents and show her beachside houses in Malibu. Glorie Lee has manifested many dreams by visualizing them and she expects this will be no different! And meet Frosty Our Siberian Husky! This is a must see episode.


Under One Roof

HGTV Episode HNBSE-107H

Glorie Lee and Rick get a new listing in Sherman Oaks, California. To expedite the sale, Glorie Lee presents a magnificent speech at The "West End Real Estate Professionals" Meeting (WEREP) in Rancho Cucamonga, CA in order to attract more Buyers and Agents to the Open House. Twin agents Marissa and Julianna Stoap look for a home that will fit three generations.

Juicy Real Estate

HGTV Episode HNBSE-108H

Realtors Glorie Lee and Rick take over the listing for a historic Victorian-style home in Monrovia, California and employ a unique approach in order to attract a very specific buyer to this $1.45 million historic landmark. Glorie Lee channels Lucille Ball. Vitameatavevgamin. Agents Marissa and Julianna Stoap show homes in Chatsworth and Granada Hills to first time Buyers Chad and Elya.

Real Estate Race

HGTV Episode HNBSE-109H

Soon-to-be-married couple, Evan and Shelley, come to Julianna and Marissa Stoap for help to Sell and Buy a home simultaneously. The couple has outgrown Evan's bachelor pad in San Pedro, California, and if they expect to start their brood right after their approaching wedding, they will need more space, and they need it fast! Since the clock is ticking, In order to sell Evan's home as quickly as possible, Marissa and Julianna give the Buying end of the transaction to their favorite Realtors, parents Rick & Glorie Lee. Glorie Lee helps the Buyers to write a "Love Letter" to the Seller to enhance their offer.

Arts & Craftsman

HGTV Episode HNBSE-110H

Glorie Lee & Rick work with a young expecting couple who need to find a home that falls within the guidelines of Feng Shui. Glorie Lee & Rick bring the "Big Book" of Feng Shui. and "Don't mess with Rick's hair product". Meanwhile, An eccentric artist hires Marissa and Julianna to find her a loft in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Home Equation

HGTV Episode HNBSE-111H

Glorie Lee and Rick work with first time Buyers Randy and Karen (and the baby boss) in Sylmar, California. Meanwhile, Twin Agents Marissa and Julianna Stoap help a young math teacher move out of his parents' home. He wants to buy a condo to live in with his girlfriend but his teacher's pay doesn't add up to get what he wants.

Natural Born Sellers : Home & Garden Television (HGTV) 


About This Show

Realtors Glorie Lee and Rick Beyenhof and their twin daughters, Julianna and Marissa, are unlike any agents you know. Their signature all-in-the family style, with equal parts passionate, quirky fun and tough-nosed negotiation skills, makes them some of California's most sought-after and successful agents.

Bailiff's Beach Home


HGTV Episode HNBSE-112H


Realtors Glorie Lee and Rick help first-time Buyer and war veteran Brian Isom achieve his California dream of Buying a home by the beach. It's Magical! Twin agents Marissa and Julianna Stoap help their clients Jennifer and Dan Ellis sell their family home near Century City, California. With their children moving out of the house, Jennifer and Dan are ready to move on to a luxurious seaside condo in Marina del Rey, California.

Natural Blonde Sellers


HGTV Episode HNBSE-113H

In Burbank, California, Realtors Glorie Lee & Rick work with Ashley, an anger management therapist who is looking for a peaceful retreat from her stressful job. Agents Marissa and Julianna Stoap help the Whitis sisters find a house big enough to live in and host fundraising parties for their charity, Linda's Voice. The three sisters each have very different tastes, and the layout they need is unique, so Marissa and Julianna attend one of their events to get a better idea of the space they need. YES Glorie Lee CAN dance!



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Do you know anyone
who is considering Buying or Selling Real Estate?

We would also like to provide superb Real Estate
representation to your family, friends, and colleagues who are thinking of
Buying or Selling at this time. Will you please refer them to us?
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    100 Reasons to SELL or BUY with Glorie Lee & Rick
Natural Born Sellers. 
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